Key Proposed Changes

Key Proposed Changes to NCSA’s Bylaws


Articles were re-ordered and combined or split up (reorganized) in favor of a more logical approach.

Typographical errors were corrected.


The Definitions section of current Article I was deleted. Definitions are now throughout the document where relevant/needed.

The Board is now termed an Executive Board instead of Board of Directors. The size of the Board is now seven—the four officers plus three delegates-at-large. The additional Board seats of Administrator of Programming, Administrator of Logistics and Support, and Director of Volunteers and Recruitment were eliminated.

In new Article II—Executive Board, paragraphs 4-7 were added: Nominating Committee; Management of NCSA Property; Insignia, Colors, Badges, and Flags; and Signatures on Contracts and Formal Documents, respectively.

New Article VI—Committees was added for Concord FC Travel Committee, House League Committee, and possible future committees/focus groups as may be necessary.

Current Article VII—Policies and Guidelines has been deleted to avoid having to amend the bylaws whenever the policies and guidelines are amended, added, removed, etc. All policies and guidelines are still in effect and are also in the process of being reviewed and updated.