2018 Fall Travel Registration OPEN NOW!

NCSA/Concord FC is excited to announce that we will be accepting online registrations (link at very bottom) for the Travel/Rec Fall Soccer league beginning today.  

This opportunity is a nice option for those who want to take the next step after summer rec soccer.  Teams feature a more competitive atmosphere while keeping equal playing time and a focus on skills development.  Athletes will be expected to be at two practices per week (Monday/Wednesday 6-7:30) and a double header of games on Saturdays.  Travel is limited to the southern tier (Bemus, Falconer, Westfield, etc.).  Our home/practice field is behind Holy Trinity Church in Dunkirk.  The season begins August 20th and runs through October.

Teams will be formed with about 10-15 players.  The more that register the more teams we will create.  The younger division consists of grades three and four with the Head Coach to be Josh Czekanski.    The older division consists of grades five and six with the Head Coach to be Aaron Pietro.  The Fall travel deadline is typically well before school team cuts are.  Seventh graders who have not reached the age of 13 by August 1st and would be interested in playing fall travel if they do not find placement on their school team, should email the Director of Fall Aaron Pietro at aaronpietro@gmail.com

Registration is $65 plus uniform fees (if applicable).  The Fall season uses the Spring Concord FC uniforms. If your athlete played the 2017/2018 Spring seasons or the 2017 Fall season they do not need to buy a uniform.  However, we strongly recommend that all players try on their uniforms for proper fit before registering.  Any uniform piece can be purchased individually during registration.  First time travel players will need to buy a uniform.  This is the last season for these uniforms.  Purple training/practice tops are only required for athletes new to the program.  They are the same purple shirts as last Fall and Spring.

Fall Registration will be open until July 23rd, 2018.  This has to be a firm deadline as we need to report the number of teams to the fall travel league.  Late registrations will only be accepted if there is availability on the teams declared.  We appreciate your understanding.  

If you have any questions please email them to the Director of Fall Soccer, Aaron Pietro at aaronpietro@gmail.com

Testimonial from last season:

"I just want to give a huge THANKS to the coaches! This is our first year in the Fall Travel Soccer League and I was so excited and impressed to see how much our kids have learned! The coaches in this league are so knowledgeable and work great with the kids!! The players that I saw at the games yesterday were playing positions, pressuring  the opponents defense, scoring goals, making beautiful passes, and the most important; working as a team and listening to their coaches (even in the heat they worked hard and had fun doing it)! The parents were awesome and supportive too, which is great to see! What a great organization to be a part of! Thank you to all involved!! Congratulations to the players and coaches and all their hard work!! I look forward to an awesome season!!"

-Tobi Davidson (Lucas and Seth's Mom)


Please register HERE

Fredonia Blue Devils Announce Dates for Soccer Camp June 24-28

The Fredonia Blue Devils are excited to announce the dates for this year's Soccer Camp. The link to download the registration form is below.  The form can be mailed to the address on the form or participants can be registered online here.  This is a great soccer opportunity.  Please take advantage!


Download form here

FAQ Summer House/Rec League

What you need to know

EXCITING NEWS ABOUT SOCCER, 2018 in Chautauqua County

US Soccer has made some changes and they are reflected in our format of coaching and training this season. We are excited about this change and have already received some great feedback from our travel and winter Futsal players. All coaches will receive training on the new methodology and will be utilizing a “Play, Practice, Play” model for coaching. This gets kids out on the field, playing the game from the second they arrive, keeping them engaged in the soccer experience from the start of practice through the car ride home! At our youngest ages (6&8U), practices will be held as a group with many coaches and volunteers helping to keep a game like atmosphere, focusing on only one key principle each practice. Because of this format change, your child will have several coaches, (in fact, every single one) during your time slot. Along the same line, you’ll note that we have removed the option to request to be on the same “team” as another player. Children will be coached together on practice days and then broken up in to teams on game days only.

What you need to know about Summer House League/Rec Soccer 2018 Season!

· We will be offering a streamlined Online ONLY registration this year that will run from March 5th through March 31st, 2018. Unlike years past, we will strictly adhere to the registration timetables.

· Our season will start the week of June 11th with practices then games and Little Kickers will start on June 18th. Games will end August 2nd.

· Our “Family Cap” has rolled under the umbrella of our need based financial aid program. To apply for financial aid, complete the online application and email a copy of your household’s W-2s or the first page of taxes for 2017 (please cover SSN)  to ncsa.concord@gmail.com. We offer varying levels of support to families who qualify across a sliding scale.

· Please considering becoming a volunteer. We need Coordinators and volunteers of all kinds to make our season run smoothly. To express an interest, you can complete the volunteer section of the online registration and/or email ncsa.concord@gmail.com

· We need coaches. If you have interest in coaching, please email our Director of Coaching at docncsa.concord@gmail.com. Please share your past coaching experience, contact info and night/time you are interested in coaching.

· We need sponsors, if you are a current sponsor or wish to sponsor a team and did not receive a sponsor letter this year, please email your interest to ncsa.concord@gmail.com

· Fees for the 2018 season are as follows:

Little Kickers






o       These rates cover lining of fields, purchasing of equipment (including balls, cones, nets and goals) shirts, funds for end of season parties, 16 hours of: education, fun and support from trained soccer coaches following a nationally recognized program

· To support our travel program (Concord FC), and the commitment to competitive soccer, we have elected to help our travel players focus on their travel experience and are not accepting travel players in House League.

· Schedule for 2018 is as follows:




Little Kickers

Mon OR Tues OR Wed OR Thur



Mon/Wed OR Tues/Thur

6pm or 7:15pm


Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur

MW at 6pm or 7:15pm, T/Th at 6pm

10U Girls/Boys


Girls 6pm, Boys 7:15pm

12U Girls/Boys


Girls 6pm, Boys 7:15pm



Hello Soccer Families,

The purpose of this email is to provide important updateS on NCSA/Concord FC Soccer. To gain a better understanding, I encourage all parents with interest in the 2018 Spring/Summer TRAVEL season to reference my previous correspondence here before continuing. You will see important "next step" items in bolded green print, shortly in this correspondence. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section at the end of this email, to help clarify any questions you may have, prior to contacting a coach.

With that said...

NCSA/Concord FC has been focusing on its identity.  NCSA has had the unique benefit of having Brett W. Gould (our Director of Coaching) share with us from his experience as an organizational leadership and marketing consultant. Brett has encouraged our organization to focus on four main areas, to be able to best communicate our culture as a club.

WHO are we?

WHY do we exist?

WHAT do we believe?

HOW will we apply those core values?

NCSA (Our Parent Organization) President, Jake Wilkins, immediately envisioned the four points on a compass.  This translates to how Concord FC has continued to evolve as a club, and helps us to define the strategic direction we are moving in.  This type of thinking brought us to our mission and vision statements.



To provide an exceptional soccer organization appropriately structured to accommodate any level of play commensurate with our players' individual ability, potential, and interest, and to promote a positive youth sports culture that teaches life lessons for all players in the Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association community.


The Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that:

  • Provides quality player development through exceptional coaches and volunteers;
  • Promotes a love of soccer in our community and a healthy lifestyle; and
  • Inspires pride and the highest level of sportsmanship in our players, coaches and parents.


As previously announced, NCSA/Concord FC applied to the Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League in August 2017.  As of January 19, 2018, the Concord FC committee is pleased to announce that Concord FC was accepted and will have teams in the Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League, in addition to the Southern Tier Travel Soccer League, for the 2018 Spring Season. These two leagues in conjunction, offer a comprehensive experience for our athletes. 

Coaches have been selected, and have been assessing players, to place on teams. Concord FC is a competitive club and playing time and/or placement on a specific team is not guaranteed.  These decisions are made based on several factors by members of the Concord FC staff.  Factors such as, but not limited to, ability, attendance, punctuality, attitude, effort, behavior, social skills, emotional control, physical maturity, and focus will be considered in determining these decisions.  An athlete’s placement and/or playing time will be constantly evaluated and may change throughout the entire season.  These decisions are made in the best interest of the athlete and their development as a person and player.

Please refer to the table below to contact the coach of your child(s) age/gender if you have not registered your child, and they still have an interest in playing Spring/Summer Travel Soccer for Concord FC in 2018. The coach will advise you of current availability, and appropriate next steps.  BWNYJSL teams will be created first, and remaining players will be placed on a STTSL waiting list.  When and if there are enough players on a waiting list to enter that team, you will be notified.  There will be no cost to be on a waiting list and no family will be required to register until their child is placed.  Families who have already registered, will be refunded their money if their child is not placed on a team due to the unavoidable situation where there are not enough players to form a second team.

Please DO NOT proceed to registration until you receive word from a coach to do so. If you have already done so prior to receiving this correspondence, that is fine. We will be working to place your child on an appropriate team. In the event that the numbers do not support another team, we will reach out to you to communicate possible next steps. We will also reach out to neighboring soccer clubs to try to help your child find a soccer home for the next year if our club cannot place your child on a team due to low numbers.

As stated throughout the past year, it is our club's desire to find a place for every interested child to play competitive soccer as possible. You can be assured that the volunteers working on this process care deeply about your child, their development, and your overall experience as a family with our club. We will do our very best to honor our commitment to walk with you, for as long as you wish to walk with our club and support our mission and vision as an organization. We are very excited you are here!

We would like to share two important points that may impact your child's decision to want to participate in travel soccer. Part of fine-tuning the player experience and creating the healthiest environment for player development, is listening to the wisdom of many mentors.

That said, here are those points:

· Our NCSA HOUSE (formerly known as "Rec") League will be for Little Kickers (starting at age 3) through 12U.

· If a player plays travel soccer, they will "graduate" out of the house league. This "graduation" can occur at any age from Little Kickers through 12U. Ie...A 9 year old house league player could try-out for a travel team. If the child is offered a place on the team, they would "graduate" out of house league, and play travel soccer only. This approach will allow us to tailor our training experiences in both HOUSE and TRAVEL leagues to the most appropriate development levels for your children.

Thank you for your interest in NCSA/Concord FC!

Here are the coach contacts for TRAVEL SOCCER:


Age Group


Coach’s Email


(birth year 2009)

Phillip Cook


11U Male

(birth years 2007-2008)

Aaron Pietro


13U Male

(birth years 2005-2006)

13-14U Female

(birth years 2004-2005)

Patrick Gondek


15U Male

(birth years 2003-2004)

Paul Sellari


15U-18U Female

(birth years 2000-2003)

Brett W. Gould


17U Male

(birth years 2001-2002)

Mark Maytum




Welcome to the Concord Futbol Club (CFC). CFC was established with the purpose of providing competitive travel soccer experiences to the youth of Northern Chautauqua County and the surrounding communities. CFC is the travel branch of the Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association (NCSA). CFC provides an opportunity to teach, learn, develop, and display life skills. Individuals must give of themselves to make a team cohesive and successful. How a player reacts to positive and negative situations is the standard of measurement for both team and individual success. Players must realize that as a member of CFC they represent not only the soccer team, but also their parents, coaches, and community. Being a part of CFC is a demanding responsibility. It is the goal of CFC to provide a high quality developmental experience in a fun and safe manner for all the players participating in the program. As a volunteer organization, we look forward to your participation enabling our community’s success as we compete with clubs across Western New York.


Travel team players are required to attend “try-outs” to be evaluated. “Try-outs” is a comprehensive evaluation system to assist coaches placing the child on a team appropriately.  Note, you must attend at least one try-out to be considered for a CFC Travel team. The only exception to this rule is if a coach deems it necessary to place additional players on a roster that could not attend a try-out. In those instances, the coach's decision will be based on their knowledge of the player through having seen them play prior, or through coaching contacts of their choice, that support these decisions. The decision of the coach and club is final.


The Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League is the home of entry-level youth travel soccer for the Buffalo-Niagara Region.  The BWNYJSL provides a playing venue for youth players in the 'Under 10' through 'Under 19' age groups.  Each league age group will normally play regular league games on a standard weekday.   Play will start no earlier than April 23rd of each playing season and will end no later than August 10th. The League shall draw up a schedule of games to be played in each Division at least two weeks before the start of their season.


*Note that these are subject to change year to year; based upon the assumption of the Buffalo Western New York Junior Soccer League (www.bwnyjsl.org)

                       U8/U9/U10 age group (boys and girls) -- typically play on Friday evenings – with games starting at 6:45pm

                       U11/U12 age group (girls) -- typically play on Tuesday evenings – with games starting at 6:45pm

                       U13/U14 age group (girls) -- typically play on Monday evenings – with games starting at 6:45pm

                       U15/U16 age group (girls) -- typically play on Thursday evenings – with games starting at 6:45pm

                       U17/U19 age group (girls) -- typically play on Wednesday evenings – with games starting at 6:45pm

                       U11/U12 age group (boys) -- typically play on Monday evenings – with games starting at 6:45pm

                       U13/U14 age group (boys) -- typically play on Tuesday evenings – with games starting at 6:45pm

                       U15/U16 age group (boys) -- typically play on Tuesday evenings – with games starting at 6:45pm

                       U17/U19 age group (boys) -- typically play on Wednesday evenings – with games starting at 6:45pm

                       players are typically expected to be at the field at 6:00/6:15pm for 6:45pm games.


Many of the Spring Travel League games will be played in the Buffalo area. The games may be played at Niagara Falls, Hamburg, Clarence, Tonawanda, Amherst, Orchard Park, West Seneca, East Aurora, Lancaster or another town in that surrounding area, depending on what teams are in your team’s division.

Some games may be played at Holy Trinity, Dunkirk, when agreed upon by the Buffalo District coach.



The Southern Tier Travel Soccer League offers entry-level travel soccer for boys and girls ages 9 through 18. League play usually begins the last weekend of April and continues through to the end of June/early July. Most league games for U15 and U18 are scheduled for Sunday. Most league games for U9, U11 and U13 are scheduled for Saturday evenings. Occasionally games are played other days.

The league encompasses the southern tier areas of Allegany, Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties with teams also in the Southern Erie County NY, as well as Northwest, PA.

It is the expressed purpose of the league to provide equal opportunities to all boys and girls to advance their soccer skills and knowledge of the game, while still maintaining a fun and rewarding experience.


9U- Participates in one tournament

11U- Participates in 2 tournaments

13U-19U- Participates in 2-3 tournaments




Notice of Annual Meeting

2017 General Body Meeting

Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association Annual Meeting of Membership

November 13, 2017


DATE: Monday, November 13, 2017

TIME: 7 p.m.

PLACE: SUNY Fredonia Campus

              Fenton Hall, Room 176

              Fredonia, NY 14063


        NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Annual Meeting of the Membership of Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association, will be held on Monday, November 13, 2017 at 7 p.m. at the above referenced location. Meetings are open to the public and strongly encouraged. Please come to hear Brett Gould share updates on the State of Soccer.


  • President’s Report- Acting President Jake Wilkins

President's Report

  • Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer's Report

  • Review of Programs- Acting President Jake Wilkins, Administrator of Programming Chris Witkowski, Director of Winter and Fall Aaron Pietro

Power Point Presentation

  • State of Soccer - Director of Coaching Brett Gould
  • Review of and proposal to amend Bylaws

  • Election of Officers

    • Current seats of office up for election are: President – 1 year term, Vice President - 2 year term, Treasurer - 2 year term and At-Large Member – 2 year term. NCSA is accepting write-in nominations for all seats.

  • Bylaw Changes Proposal
    • See below links for current bylaws and proposed changes


Current Bylaws

Proposed Bylaw Changes

Key Proposed Bylaw Changes



Message from the Director of Concord FC Travel

Hello soccer families,


First off, I would like to thank all the volunteers who have put in long hours away from their families to bring soccer to all of us.   I would like to also thank all of you for your patience and continued support for NCSA/Concord FC!

After being on the NCSA board as the Administrator of Programming since May of 2016, I was appointed the Director of Travel in December of 2016.  Former Director Jim Enser had a desire to step down and focus more on coaching and mentoring the younger age groups as well as concentrating on serving as the Southern Tier District Commissioner for NYS West Soccer Association.   We are very lucky as a club he hasn't stepped away completely.  He, current and previous NCSA Board members, Concord FC travel committee members and other volunteers, have laid a solid foundation in which we will build off.

With the NCSA vision and mission statements in mind, the Concord FC committee is determined to better our club.  Our goals are to provide quality player development through exceptional coaches and volunteers, promote a love of soccer in our community and a healthy lifestyle, and inspire pride and the highest level of sportsmanship and professionalism in our players, coaches and parents. 

In the offseason, many aspects of the club were analyzed.  Coach education, player safety and overall club efficiency were priorities.  We ensured all coaches went through an extensive application process, and those that weren’t already, became USSF “F” licensed and were certified in the concussion protocol.   NCSA implemented online registration and a more modern website through Demosphere Inc. and NCSA increased the use of social media to improve our communication.

After Donald Lang stepped down to focus on his family, NCSA Acting President Jake Wilkins searched for a highly qualified Director of Coaching and one that shared our vision.  He found that in Brett Gould, a Fredonia High School Varsity Girls Soccer Coach with an extensive soccer background.  Brett was subsequently approved by the NCSA Board and he has been a terrific addition to our organization.  Under Brett’s leadership, Concord FC for the first time, had try-outs for the upcoming Spring season.  Brett describes try-outs as “an all-encompassing piece to assess readiness and help our coaches build their teams” and “by having a beginning and an end assessment, players and their families can easily see where their strengths, and areas of potential improvement are.”  We also couldn't be more grateful for the Fredonia University Men's Soccer Coach, Patrick Gondek, coaching two of our 2017 Spring teams and offering guidance with administrative decisions.  Coach Gondek is an asset to this club with the credentials he possesses.  In addition, we have Fredonia Central School's Modified Soccer Coach, Aaron Pietro, as our Concord FC Fall Travel Director and a Spring coach plus many other very qualified coaches such as Nick Keefe, Chris Piede, Jim Rush, the Fredonia High School Varsity Boys Soccer Coach and Joe Michalak, a Fredonia High School Varsity Assistant Soccer Coach.  Furthermore, our other 3 seasons of play opportunities, Fall, Winter Futsal, and Summer Rec, bring additional coaches with extensive soccer experience and among them are  from Dunkirk City School.  Zazh Meadows, the Varsity soccer coach helps with Winter Futsal and Fall, Jessica Gifford, the Girls Modified Soccer Coach helps with Winter Futsal and Phil Cook, the Varsity Girls Soccer coach helps with Summer Rec.  All seasons of NCSA play contribute greatly to our Spring athletes' talent.

Concord FC teams had many successes in this last Spring season including the 16U girls winning the Championship in the Clarence Classic and our 15U boys coming in Second Place in their Southern Tier division playoffs.  Congratulations to coaches Brett Gould, Mark Maytum and Paul Sellari, another Fredonia High School Varsity girls soccer Coach!

Looking forward, the CFC committee is reviewing a comprehensive policy and procedures manual to have a fair and efficiently run club.  It is necessary to document the policies under which this club will operate.  The committee expects to have that finalized soon.  Concord FC is applying to the Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League in conjunction with the Southern Tier Travel Soccer League to give our athletes more opportunities for various levels of play.  With assistance from Coaches Shawn Taylor, Bernie Feldmann, and Mark Taylor, our 19U Boys team entered the BWNYJSL as a partner with The Lakeshore Club.  This initiated a great relationship with that league which will hopefully facilitate our acceptance.  The 19U team additionally played in 5 tournaments including College Showcases.

Why should you choose NCSA/Concord FC this Spring?  We provide quality coaching.  We provide soccer to any level of athlete. We provide opportunities for your player to be successful in this club which will transfer to school sports and possibly a college soccer career.  We instill leadership philosophies that each player could use to one day become coaches themselves and productive community members.   We are going through changes yes, and changes are uncomfortable, but this will be a club you will want to commit to.

Any parent having any other questions, may feel free to contact me at c.witkowski@ymail.com.

Thank you again for choosing Concord FC!


Chris Witkowski

Director of Travel, Concord FC

Administrator of Programming, NCSA Board of Directors

Concord FC 2017 Fall and 2018 Spring Travel Registration Now Open!

Due to changes within Concord FC, we are registering 2017 Fall & 2018 Spring at the same time.  As you navigate through the screens you can select Fall and/or Spring.  There will be a total of 6 payments to help families financially.  The link to registration is at the bottom of the email.  Please read this email entirely as it has a lot of important information in it.

Fall Travel (Registration between 7/10/10-7/28/17)

NCSA Concord FC is now accepting online registrations for the Travel/Rec Fall Soccer league until July 28th, 2017.  This opportunity is a nice option for those who want to take the next step after summer rec soccer.  Teams feature a more competitive atmosphere while keeping equal playing time and a focus on skills development.  Athletes will be expected to be at two practices per week (Tuesday/Thursday) and a double header of games on Saturdays.  Travel is limited to the southern tier (Bemus, Falconer, Westfield, etc.).  Our home/practice field is behind Holy Trinity Church in Dunkirk.  The season begins at the end of August and runs through October.


Teams will be formed by grade level and there will be no move ups.  All teams are coed.  The younger division consists of grades three and four.  Teams will be formed of about 10 players and the more that register the more teams we will create.  The older division consists of grade four, five and six.  Fourth graders will be placed in the older division based on coach evaluation and roster size.


Registration is $60 plus new uniform fees.  The league created new Travel uniforms this Spring and these are the uniforms we will use for Fall.  If your athlete played this Spring they do not need to buy a uniform.  All others will need to buy the new uniform.  Purple practice shirts are only required for athletes new to the program.  They are the same purple shirts as last Fall.  These uniforms will not change for two years.

If you have any questions please email them to the Director of Fall Soccer, Aaron Pietro at aaronpietro@gmail.com


2018 Spring Travel


Concord FC Spring travel is going through a transition.  The CFC Committee is committed to providing the best experience for players.  Concord FC will be entering teams in the Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League (B&WNYJSL) and the Southern Tier Travel Soccer League (STTSL) for the 2018 season.  The B&WNYJSL requires teams formed much sooner then the STTSL families are familar with.  Therefore, we will be opening registration now.  As alreading mentioned, we will be registering fall and/or spring at the same time and there will be 6 payments to help financially.  We would encourage all families to be registered for Spring Travel by August 31, 2017.  Please don't hesitate to register as late registrations cause logistical problems with team creation.  

Thank you all for your patience during this time of transition.  If you have any questions please email them to the Director of Travel, Chris Witkowski at c.witkowski@ymail.com.


Concord FC will be holding try-outs for our upcoming 2018 spring travel season.

Try-outs are an all encompassing piece to assess readiness and help our coaches build their teams.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017.


5:30pm - 7:00pm for ages 9U through 14U

7:00pm - 8:30pm for ages 15U through 19U


Soccer field behind the Holy Trinity Church in Dunkirk, NY. (1032 Central Avenue)

Important Items of note:

  • Please have any athlete trying out bring a ball, shin guards, and water.
  • You can determine what age group your child plays in by how old they turn during the calendar year they are playing in. For example, a male player who turns 16 any time during 2018 would be considered a true 16U player for next spring travel season. He would be age eligible for play at 16U or older, depending on coach assessment of the player's skill, and maturity level.
  • If you are not a current Concord FC player, we welcome you to come try out, and are excited to meet you and your family! Please arrive with a parent/legal guardian who is 18 years old or older. They will need to fill out and turn in a try-out form prior to your participation. We will have them on site.
  • If you have any questions as to when your child should come, please don't hesitate to reach out.  
  • Lastly, we are always looking for more volunteers to make things move forward more efficiently, and expeditiously. There are several vacancies in key positions, which require your current volunteer leadership to wear multiple "hats" simultaneously to make things happen.  

We look forward to seeing familiar faces, and brand new ones.

We are very excited about all of the new things coming in our club, and we are sure you will be too!

Please feel free to share this invitation with any of your friends and family.

See you on July 11th!

Register here: http://myncsa716.net/register

Summer Recreation Photo Schedule

Colorgraphics Summer Recreation Photo Schedule



NCSA Honors Former President Betsy Dixon-Lang

NCSA Honors Former President Betsy Dixon-Lang

​Soccer doesn’t just happen . . . For most of our members, NCSA is just “what you do” during the summer, spring or fall. For others, it’s a hobby. For others, yet, it’s a lifestyle. For Betsy Dixon-Lang, it was a lifestyle. For those of you who don’t know, Betsy worked with Aspire, supporting developmentally disabled individuals in Western New York. If there was one theme in Betsy’s life, it was “service”. Betsy served through work and through her personal life too.

For many years before her passing, Betsy served our community through NCSA. In her last few years of service, she was instrumental in the changes you see today, from paper forms to an electronic registration system and the expansion of offerings to a fall travel season and partnership with the City of Dunkirk to offer winter futsal . . . even the sponsorships of local and national retailers.  

How do you honor someone who did so much? Someone who gave so much of herself for us all? In truth, we can’t begin to. For the next two seasons, you'll see that NCSA will be honoring our former president, Betsy Dixon-Lang, by placing her initials on our crests. You'll see this change on our jerseys for house league, spring and fall travel.

If we all could give what she gave, what a wonderful place the world would be…

Logo credit:

Steven Yunghans​ - Summer Recreation House League Logo

BSN Sports - Concord FC Logo

Photo Credit:

Trisha DeJoe


NCSA Partners with Star Media Group Promotions for fundraiser



NCSA is dedicated to bringing soccer into the lives of any family who wants to participate, even in times of need. Star Media Group Promotions is providing an online merchandise store where apparel can be purchased and 15% is donated back to the NCSA financial aid fund.  Please take a look at what there is to offer and get your NCSA and CONCORD FC apparel.  As always, thank you for supporting Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association and thank you to Star Media Group Promotions!




Soccer Clinic Registration NOW OPEN!

NCSA is excited to announce a new soccer opportunity.

Registration for soccer clinics with Coach Gondek, Fredonia University's men's soccer coach, is now open.  His first clinic will be May 19th, 2017 at Holy Trinity in Dunkirk.  Clinics will be held according to age group.  9U-13U will be held between 5:30 PM and 7 PM focusing on Possession and Penetration Dribbling while 15U-19U will be held between 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM focusing on Crossing, Shooting, & Finishing.   

The cost of the clinic will be $25.  Any questions email us at ncsa.concord@gmail.com.

Register at this link: http://myncsa716.net/register


Help Wanted

NCSA is in desperate need of Executive Board members. We have vacancies in many positions. We strive to bring you the most efficient organization we can, but we need your help to do that! Please take a look at our Executive Board page to see if you have any interest. Please email us at ncsa.concord@gmail.com with your interest.