Concord FC 2020 Club Soccer season

Concord FC 2020 Club Soccer season

Dear Soccer Families,

NCSA/Concord FC is excited for another competitive club soccer year.  

We will be conducting tryouts on January 5th, 2020 from 1pm - 4pm and on January 8th, 2020 from 6pm - 8pm for those that are unavailable on January 5th.  The age group schedule will be released soon.  The age groups we declare for league play are dependent on the players who attend tryouts which is mandatory for all interested Concord FC players.

The tryout process will be conducted by team coaches, and may be with the assistance of the Technical Director and/or Director of Coaching, who will evaluate players based on several factors such as, but not limited to, ability, attendance, punctuality, attitude, effort, behavior, social skills, emotional control, physical maturity, and focus. All players must attend tryouts. Provisions shall be made, when possible, to accommodate players who miss tryouts because of injury, illness, family emergencies, or other reasons acceptable to the CFC Travel Committee.

Concord FC is a competitive club and playing time and/or placement on a specific team is not guaranteed.  These decisions are made based on several factors by members of the Concord FC staff which are referenced above.  An athlete’s placement and/or playing time will be constantly evaluated and may change throughout the entire season.  These decisions are made in the best interest of the athlete and their development as a person and player.

The start date of the training season will be determined soon.  We are expecting to begin sometime in the middle of March.  We are requesting that ALL players interested in playing for a Concord FC team in 2020 complete a try-out registration at this link here.   If the player has been selected by the Concord FC staff to play on a team, you will receive an invitation from the coach directing you to online registration.

As we’ve said before, it will always be our club's desire to find a place for every interested child to play competitive soccer if possible. You can be assured that the Concord FC staff working on this process care deeply about your child, their development, and your overall experience as a family with our club.

Financial aid is available.  Any other questions can be directed to ncsa.concord