Action Items To Date

Concord FC

  • Return to Play Protocol / NYS Reopening Safety Plan- Completed
    • Securing donations of sanitization products- On-going
      • Harvest Chapel
    • Obtaining covid-19 signage for fields- Completed
    • Meeting every two weeks-Completed
  • 2020 Travel season Refunds/Credits- Completed
  • Communicating with other Chautuauqa County soccer clubs for friendlies when it is determined by all agencies recreation can reopen- Completed
  • Communicating with facilities- In process
  • Mandatory COVID-19 Coach Safety Training- Completed

Concord Academy

  • Return to Play Protocol/NYS Reopening Safety Plan- In process
    • Securing donations of sanitization products
    • Obtaining covid-19 signage for fields
  • Refunds/Credit- Completed
  • Communicating with facility- In process