Concord FC Communication Updates

Dated : July 9,2020

Dear Soccer Families,

We are finally at that time and couldn’t be more excited to get back to the field!

The health and safety of our players, volunteers, coaches, and their families take priority in the Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association’s decisions.  While orders from Governor Cuomo remain in place, Concord FC has created a detailed list of recommended precautions and processes to be implemented once activities resume. 

Concord FC has developed a Return to Safe Play Protocol and NYS Reopening Safety Plan to implement in conjunction with health professionals, infectious disease specialists, and information from the CDC.  The protocols do not have a specific duration and will remain fluid.  The club will adhere to the recommendations of public health officials and adjust when needed.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Travel Director Chris Witkowski, Director of Coaching Phill Cook, Technical Director PJ Gondek, or President Jake Wilkins, via email.

It is important that our plans are well planned and executed. This takes all of us working together; players, families, coaches, and volunteers, to ensure a successful return to all soccer activities.  If we all do our part following these new protocols and supporting each other, we can all enjoy the sport we love again.  Below are some important points moving forward.


1. Waiver – We understand that we are in very uncertain times and respect the decision each of our families make.  That being said, if you decide to allow your player(s) to train, the waiver at this link must be downloaded, signed (electronically accepted) and uploaded upon registration.  If you choose to not allow your player to train at this time, we completely understand.  If you change your mind, please let us know.


2. Return to Play Protocol – You must read the Concord FC Return To Play Protocol at this link  to make sure you and your player(s) understand all of your respective responsibilities.


3. Holy Trinity Map - The map at this link  is to inform our families the directions foot traffic must follow to abide by the NYS Reopening Safety Plan recommendations.  The map shows a spectator area, however, no spectators will be allowed out of their vehicles until further notice.  


4. Arrival –  It is recommended that we stagger training sessions and games.  Please arrive no sooner than 10 minutes prior to the session.  Drop-off/pick-up areas on the map which are where the players can enter and exit the fields.  Green marker flags indicate entrances while red flags indicate exits.  There will also be small yard signs indicating entrances and exits. We need everyone to follow these directions so we are not in violation and can continue to provide programming to our athletes.  Players must wear a mask from the vehicle to their designated training field.   Your player(s) will place their regularly cleaned belongings in a designated area and will be marked present by a coach to comply with the contact tracing protocol.  If a parent exits their vehicle, they will be marked as present and could be subjected to NYS Department of Health quarantine protocols in the event there is a positive screening during that time.  Masks must remain on until their coach informs them, they can take it off.


5. Attendance check-in - Coaches will have a roster of all players authorized to train.  Families are required to answer questions on survey monkey prior to each session.  Players will be asked 4 questions before being allowed to take the training field.  Further instructions for survey monkey will come from your coach.  You need to take your player’s temperature and it must be under 100.4 degrees to attend training.  If the answer to any questions are yes, then do not send your player to training and your player will need to be medically cleared to return to the field. If you have questions regarding this, contact your Coach.


6. Departure - Players will return to the sideline for their backpack after training on the field.  They will put their mask on and proceed to the drop-off zone indicated on the map.  Please arrive as close to the end of the session as possible to abide by the staggering recommendation per the NYS Reopening Safety Plan.


7. Register – If after reading through all the documents and you are ready to move forward, we need everyone to register to be insured.  The cost for this mini 5-week season will be $80.  It will include 10 training sessions and 3 friendlies(games).  This will first be open to all invited players fromt the 2020 Concord FC Travel Season.  If there is any availability on a team after that, players may be added per the CFC Handbook procedure.  Please register at this link by 7/15/20.  Registration will be closed after that and you will need to contact  Anyone with a credit will be able to apply it when they register.  All those that were refunded would need to pay again.


Concord FC appreciates your cooperation.  We will get through this together!



Dated May 29

Hello Soccer Families,

As always, we hope that you all have been able to remain healthy and safe during this time.  We continue to have all of you in our thoughts.  The Concord FC committee and staff continue to communicate regularly as we prepare a plan to "Return to Play" at some point.  

Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that the Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League has announced the cancellation of the 2020 Season.  The most recent communication can be found at this link: 


Since the season has been canceled and all activities remain suspended indefinitely, we will begin the process of refunding and/or crediting.  If you submitted any payment to Concord FC for the 2020 Travel season, please complete this quick form informing us whether you would like a refund or credit by June 10, 2020.  We ask that you please consider a credit for the 2021 season as refunding can cause extra merchant fees to the club.  We thank you for the consideration in advance.  If a refund is preferred, our online registration company, Demosphere, has notified us that there may be up to a 12-day processing due to the high volume of refunds. You will receive an email notification when the refund or credit has been completed.  

What the future holds

As we look toward the uncertain future, we expect to return to play at some point either in the form of friendlies, tournaments or school sports.  We want to continue to encourage all families to participate in our virtual training designed by our Technical Director PJ Gondek and Director of Coaching Phill Cook.  All families should be receiving this training from their coach or team manager in their emails.  Please let us know if you have not received the email. It is imperative that the players keep up their conditioning and be ready to return to play. 

What is the CFC committee working on now?

We will be in touch with a required "Return to Play Protocol."   We are taking guidance from US Soccer, United States Youth Soccer, New York State West Soccer Association, and the CDC.  In the event we do have the opportunity to participate in some friendlies or tournaments, we would collect an undetermined fee at a later date.

Hopefully, we will see you all soon for some friendlies.  We thank you for your patience and wish you all well!  Any questions please let us know.

Dated April 30

Hello Soccer Families (again),

I inadvertantly sent that email before it was finalized.  My apologies for the extra email.  Here is the corrected email.

We hope that all of you are fairing well during these difficult times.  You are all in our thoughts.  The Concord FC committee and staff have been communicating frequently so that in the event there is a season we are ready to go.  Please read this communication from the Buffalo & Western New York Junior League so you can be most informed where the league stands as of April 15, 2020.

NCSA/Concord FC understands the possiblity that some families may be going through finanical difficulties, so we want to be cognizant when reassessing this year's fee.  We want all our athletes to participate this year.  That being said, the CFC committee will not be ordering new uniforms and removing that portion of the registration fee.  If we have a season, we will update you further on how we will be handling no new uniforms.  If the season is reduced in games and the league decreases the team registration fee, we will pass that savings onto our families.  Those families who have already paid will have the option of a refund for the appropriate amount or having the fee credited for next year.  We do ask that you consider the credit, as each refund costs the club additional merchant fees.  

Since it appears the league is determined to have some sort of a season, even if it is five games, we want to encourage all families to participate in our virtual trainings designed by our Technical Director PJ Gondek and Director of Coaching Phill Cook.  All families should be receiving these trainings from their coach in email form.  Please let us know if you haven't received the email.  When and if we do finally get to have real training sessions, we want all the players to be as similiar as possible in conditioning and ready for the season which would begin quickly.  We encourage families to have fun with it and send pictures and/or videos to their coach and post them on social media and "tag" Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association #goconcordfc.  We would like to feature these photos and videos on our social media.

We thank you for your patience and wish you all well!  Any questions please let us know.


Chris Witkowski

Director of Travel

Dated March 23rd

Hello Soccer Families,

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association continues to monitor the situation.  At this time, we want to take this time to update you on what we know.  We understand our membership has questions and concerns about the upcoming seasons.  The Concord FC Committee and Concord Summer Academy Committee are staying in contact reviewing contingency plans. NCSA and our partners know how important having soccer in our players’ lives is.  If it all possible, we have full intention moving forward with both seasons while keeping in mind the health and safety of our players. 

What do we know right now:

In regards to Concord FC Travel Club: We recently received a communication from the Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League regarding the upcoming travel league season.  We ask that you please review it at this link.  At this point, there is the possibility the season with start later in June with reduced games.  If the league reduces the cost, we will pass that savings on to our membership.  If the season is canceled, all families who already registered will receive full refunds.  It is unknown when this decision with be made.  Our online registration company, Demosphere, has notified us that there may be up to a 12-day processing for refunds due to the high volume of refunds.  When we know more, we will update the membership.

In regards to Concord Summer Academy: We will reassess the season with our partners at the State University at Fredonia Athletic Department at a later date.  It is unknown when this decision will be made.  In the event the season is canceled, all families who already registered will receive full refunds. Again, our online registration company, Demosphere, has notified us that there may be up to a 12-day processing for refunds due to the high volume of refunds.  When we know more, we will update the membership.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding through this unprecedented difficult time. We hope that you all stay healthy and safe!

Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association